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David Holz tillkännagav det idag på Discord-servern:

Hi @everyone we’re gonna let the community test an alpha-version of our V6 model over the winter break, starting tonight (i mean now) To turn it on select V6 from the dropdown menu under /settings or type –v 6 after your prompt What’s new with the V6 base model?

  • Much more accurate prompt following as well as longer prompts
  • Improved coherence, and model knowledge
  • Improved image prompting and remix
  • Minor text drawing ability (you must write your text in “quotations” and –style raw or lower –stylize values may help)

/imagine a photo of the text ”Hello World!” written with a marker on a sticky note –ar 16:9 –v 6

  • Improved upscalers, with both ’subtle’ and ’creative’ modes (increases resolution by 2x)

(you’ll see buttons for these under your images after clicking U1/U2/U3/U4) The following features / arguements are supported at launch: –ar, –chaos, –weird, –tile ,–stylize, –style raw , Vary (subtle) ,Vary (strong), Remix, /blend ,/describe (just the v5 version) These features are not yet supported, but should come over the coming month: Pan, Zoom, Vary (region), /tune, /describe (a new v6 version) Style and prompting for V6

  • Prompting with V6 is significantly different than V5. You will need to ‘relearn’ how to prompt.
  • V6 is MUCH more sensitive to your prompt. Avoid ‘junk’ like “award winning, photorealistic, 4k, 8k”
  • Be explicit about what you want. It may be less vibey but if you are explicit it’s now MUCH better at understanding you.
  • If you want something more photographic / less opinionated / more literal you should probably default to using –style raw
  • Lower values of –stylize (default 100) may have better prompt understanding while higher values (up to 1000) may have better aesthetics
  • Please chat with each other in ⁠prompt-chat to figure out how to use v6.

Please note

  • This is an alpha test. Things will change frequently and without notice.
  • DO NOT rely on this exact model being available in the future. It will significantly change as we take V6 to full release.
  • Speed, Image quality, coherence, prompt following, and text accuracy should improve over the next few weeks
  • V6 is slower / more expensive vs V5, but will get faster as we optimize. Relax mode is supported! (it’s about 1 gpu/min per imagine and 2 gpu/min per upscale)

Community Standards:

  • This model can generate much more realistic imagery than anything we’ve released before.
  • We’ve turned up the moderation systems, and will be enforcing our community standards with increased strictness and rigor. Don’t be a jerk or create images to cause drama.

More about V6:

  • V6 is our third model trained from scratch on our AI superclusters. It’s been in the works for 9 months.
  • V6 isn’t the final step, but we hope you all feel the progression of something profound that deeply intertwines with the powers of our collective imaginations

Show us your images in ⁠v6-showcase or let us know what you think in ⁠ideas-and-features Please use these incredible powers with joy, wonder, responsibility and respect Have fun and happy holidays!

Bild jag skapat med v6