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Det är julafton och mellan all stress med att städa, fixa middag och fira med släkt så satte jag mig ner och testade lite olika promptar med nya v6. Mycket bra uppdatering till Midjourney.


30 year old Scandinavian woman with blond hair standing in a lush, green forest. She's wearing a loose, off-the-shoulder sweater in a brown color. The photo has a very natural and moody atmosphere, enhanced by the dim, soft lighting that suggests dusk. The woman is looking upwards to her left with a contemplative or serene expression. The focus is on her, with the dense foliage in the background slightly blurred. Her posture is relaxed. Fujifilm GS645S Pro Fujinon Wide60 EBC 60mm f4, Kodachrome, Photorealistic render + hyper realistic --style raw --ar 2:3 --v 6.0