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Bland annat går det nu dubbelt så snabbt när man väljer Upscale, samt att den kan hantera text i bild bättre. Nedan kan ni se vad de skrev om släppet:

Hi @everyone,  we’ve just released significant updates to the V6 alpha tonight, it applies to all new jobs starting now

V6 Changelist

– Upscales are now 2x faster (and use up 2x fewer GPU minutes)

– Improved aesthetics, coherence, prompt adherence, and image quality

– Improved text rendering (you must put text inside ”quotations” in your prompt)

– Improved performance at high ”–stylize” values 

(in terms of image quality, aesthetics, text rendering and prompt accuracy)

We hope you all enjoy the new improvements, please let us know what you think.

Please note: We”ll continue to push improvements over the next few weeks as we move towards the official beta phase of V6

Bild: Alexander Jansson / Midjourney